Linux on Mac

I have an old Mac and the MacOS is too painful to use. Let’s make it Linux.

After all, the experiment failed. Linux on Mac was just a pain in the ass. With a sad face I went back to MacOS for now. At least I have my little victory of upgrading the RAM and HDD without having to purchase a new computer.

I came across this amazing couple and their principles for software and hardware. They are still using old MacBooks (2012 and 2011) and thriving (programing, video editing, image manipulation and more).

”(...) we prefer to repair than to purchase new dev, as discarded electronics don't always get recycled properly, and clog up landfills. We both run Elementary OS on our Macbooks.“

This really makes a lot of sense. I don’t want to keep having to buy new hardware every 4 years because the old one is too slow to do serious work.

So, I looked into the Elementary OS and decided to go back to Linux. I really enjoyed it for years, but then ditched it for MacOS when I bought my first Mac in 2015. Let’s see what happens.

I’m following this installation guide from Elementary OS website.

To start, I tried to run a live version. It loaded quickly and it looks great, but the wifi doesn’t work.

Quick look around the web shown that I most likely will need an ethernet cable internet access, which I don’t have at the moment. Looks like my Linux plan will have to wait :<