How to get rid of your belongings while having a blast

Selling on ebay is a good idea, but itโ€™s so much freaking hassle if you have an entire flatโ€™s worth of stuff you have been accumulating over a few years.

Giving things to charity is amazing, but before, Iโ€™d rather see if some people would like to take my precious belongings, or exchange them for fruits, quality time (back massages are always welcome), or a few of the very specific things I need.

Hereโ€™s how I did it:

Step 0: Iโ€™ve had some fun photographing all my stuff, especially clothes (fashion show!). It took a few hours to complete.

Step 1: I wrote this message and sent to pretty much everyone I knew in Edinburgh. The message included a link to this spreadsheet listing all items, descriptions, photos and a list of desirable things for a swap.

Step 2: I created a facebook page with pictures of the items and shared with everyone and asked to share further to get some strangers interested. I posted in on some local groups, too.

I unpublished the page once the process was over.

Step 3: I had a blast as I was getting the most wonderful offers for swaps and seeing things disappearing without much hassle.

My favourite swaps included a huge bag of delicious fruits exchanged for my trusted whiteboard, and a story by a professional storyteller swapped for a bicycle. Totally worth it.