Cultural Anchors for Online Communities

While developing my first Discord server for the community around JournalSmarter, an idea came to my mind, which prompted me to write the following message to a friend:

Hey Elena! This is a turborandom question, but I thought you might enjoy revisiting Burning Man in your head:

I'm building a blueprint for virtual community building based on real world gatherings, to create spatial, social and cultural context for people who are not very tech savvy. And "Bonfire" gives a different vibe than #general-discussion

Could you give me a few examples (3-5 would be great!) of your favourite/most interesting "spaces" in Burning Man with a few keywords of what kind of stuff happens there?

For example, for Rainbow Gatherings:

- base camp (new arrivals, camper vans parking, drugs)

- main fire (food circles, announcements, moon parties, drum circles)

- main tipi (workshops, healing, talking stick circles)

- the well (random conversations, hanging out)

- the river (swimming, showers, sunbathing)

- chai camp (chai drinking, storytelling)

It would be amazing help, but no pressure if you're busy ;) Thank you anyway!

Lots of good summer vibes from the Azores!

The reply sparked quite a few thoughts. But more on that later.